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March 4, 2015
5 best reasons why your website needs a Blog!

Ok, ok, I know you’ve probably been hearing the buzz about writing blogs and how it can benefit your business, and that you should be doing it too… Although, you’re probably thinking to yourself,

“What’s the point of writing a blog?”

“Why would I waste my time writing on topics for someone else’s benefit?”

“Who the hell is going to read them?”

“How do I benefit from this?”

I know… I get it… I was like that too!

The thought of writing drained me… I couldn’t think of anything worse than spending my free time in front of a computer, bashing away at a keyboard like Carrie from Sex and the City… Did I just say that?

Anyway, I’m proud of you… You’ve proven to yourself that you have an open mind and serious about jet setting your business. In fact, blogging is one of the most productive exercises you can do to create real online engagement and exposure.  Here are my top 5 reasons why blogging will benefit your business:

1. Google loves it!

By constantly updating your web page with new and fresh content, you increase your chances of Google crawling your website, indexing more pages and giving you more exposure. In terms of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you will show up more organically across the search engines, especially when you have backlinks towards your website… Like I did with the words ‘SEO’ and ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. To put it more simply, more content equals better page rankings.


2. Be the Expert!

Blogging has its marketing advantages as well. Being recognised by your audience as the expert in your field ensures that you would be kept in the forefront of their minds. So whenever your services are required, you would be thought about first.

3. Spread the word!

Now that you have written your new blog with awesome fresh content, let everyone know about it. Get social and post your new blog post across all your social media channels. It’s a statistical fact that you WILL get more customers when you consistently post your blogs across social media.

4. Free Marketing!

Blogging is the best and one of the most cost effective ways to build brand awareness. Instead of spending costly dollars towards advertising, you can get free publicity through search engine results.

5. No more Newsletters!

To put it simply, blogs are the new newsletters. Blogs are a much better marketing tool as readers can join and participate in the dialogue. Blogs are also saved on a company’s page and as mentioned earlier, gets indexed across major search engines. It’s like having a Google footprint every time you create a blog.

In conclusion, I know it can be difficult and somewhat time consuming to write, however with practice, you’ll start to enjoy it as much as I do, and reap the rewards of increased web traffic to your website.  Feel free to have a look at my page for ideas for your next blog.


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